About ocdtalk

Hi Everyone!

I know there are lots of OCD blogs out there, and I think that’s great.  There is nothing quite like connecting with others through shared experiences.  Most of the OCD blogs I have visited are first person accounts of those suffering from the disorder.  Others are sites recommending specific treatments.

I envision ocdtalk as something a little different. I’d like to talk about different therapies, drugs, and research related to OCD.  What has worked for you and what hasn’t? What therapies (and types of therapists for that matter?) are the best ? What has absolutely not  worked for you?  What are some unexpected twists and turns related to treatment that you (or your loved one) may have experienced?

I have a hunch that there are a lot of people out there with a lot to say, and I would love to hear from you!

So…….welcome to ocdtalk!


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5 Responses to About ocdtalk

  1. Thanks, Janet.

    You’ve given me an excellent topic, or set of topics for my next post. What I’ve tried, what helped, what didn’t, and finally, what it took to ultimately dismiss the underlying fear that had kept me a slave for so very long. Yes, please read the rest of my posts, they deal with two topics, growing up, and the various Anxiety Disorders. I linked to you in my blog roll, as I consider your blog to be excellent. How is Dan doing today? What has helped? What not? I would be very interested to hear.

  2. I love the idea of ocdtalk and so glad we found eachother’s blogs! I love reading your posts. It is so beneficial to hear of others trials and tribulations with what has worked and not worked for them. Once diagnosed in my early 20’s, I was so overwhelmed with relief that my choice of what to do next was sort of like an after thought. For me, knowing that I was not alone, that my disorder actually had a name to it, was such a positive experience that it took me a few weeks and another appt. with my doctor to really grasp that there were things I could try to make it better/go away. I did try some SSRI meds and they did work after a bit for a bit, but for me what has really worked the most was behavior therapy – and that worked best for me on my own. Wishing the very best to your son and your family and hoping that very soon he finds his best way to better :), Erin

  3. Janet: I’m impressed. I like your writing voice, and I like that you’re trying to do your own thing with a blog on neurology. I like to think that my blog, and my book, are also distinct. I’m going to keep reading.

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