Real reality?

Over the past couple of years, there have been several Reality TV shows focusing on OCD. I have seen snippets of  The OCD Project and some friends told me about A&E’s  Obsessed, but I never actually saw any of those episodes. There have also been several reality shows focusing on hoarding, which some experts believe is a form of OCD.

So what do you think of these shows?    The few episodes I’ve seen seem simplistic to me. Person suffers from severe OCD. He/she engages in therapy (ERP) that is obviously as difficult  as suffering with OCD. He/she improves and expresses hope for the future.

We don’t see all of the ups and downs and years of anguish and torment that come along with having OCD. We don’t see the three steps forward, two steps back reality that often goes along with treatment. We don’t see the trial and error of different meds. We don’t see how whole families are affected when one member has OCD. It’s just not possible to depict all of this in a six or eight weeks series.

But that’s okay. At least the word is getting out. These maybe not so real reality shows raise awareness about OCD. They discuss treatments. They talk about the neurological base to the disorder. They impart hope.

I think the positives outweighs the negatives. I’m wondering what those with OCD think?

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