Creative Expression Contest – Vote for your Favorites

OCD Awareness Week is a month away (October 8-14, 2012) and I’ll be updating you on programs and events as it gets closer.  One of the main events, “A Night To Believe,” will take place in Boston on Saturday, October 13, 2012. Four lucky winners of the creative expression contest sponsored by the IOCDF will receive a free trip to attend this event. Writers, musicians, artists and filmmakers have submitted entries for consideration, and I recognize some of them from our very own “blogging community.”

Voting will remain open until this Friday ( September 7, 2012), so I encourage you to check out the site and vote for your favorites. There are so many different ways to increase OCD awareness, and it’s great to see such talented people contributing.

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12 Responses to Creative Expression Contest – Vote for your Favorites

  1. LISA DOUGLAS says:

    Thank you, again, Janet for helping to spread the word!

  2. Jackie says:

    Janet, my entry is a finalist– “Tipping Point”! It’s about that moment when cognitive-behavioral therapy finally clicks. I’m so excited to be in the contest!

  3. 71º & Sunny says:

    Thanks for the reminder about this!

  4. Andrea says:

    Maybe I am not looking hard enough but is there more information about this event? Can anyone go? I am near Boston so I was curious! Thanks!!

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