OCD Podcasts

by stuart miles freedigitalphotos.net

by stuart miles freedigitalphotos.net

I was recently contacted by Matt Bieber, an amazing young man who is a freelance writer on OCD and mindfulness. Matt has been working on an impressive series of OCD Podcasts and I was honored when he asked if I’d share my family’s story for one of them.

I hope you’ll check out  An Interview with Janet Singer, Author and OCD Mom as well as Matt’s other podcasts. They are all very thought-provoking and I’ve learned something from each one of them. I also recommend checking out his entire website; I think it is really something special.




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8 Responses to OCD Podcasts

  1. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Really looking forward to listening to you and exploring this resource! Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  2. grannyK says:

    Great podcast. Thank you for all you do to get the message out. I am to the point that I am so angry at people who have no clue what OCD can do to you and their hurtful remarks are so uncalled for. I hope more people will become educated in anxiety disorders.

    • Thanks grannyK! I share your frustration and that’s one of the reasons I’m still trying to get the word out about OCD. I’m with you on the hurtful comments, too; I’ll never understand them.

  3. I enjoyed the podcast! Such a great opportunity to spread the message about OCD and available treatments. It was good to hear your voice, too! 🙂

    You and your husband were so supportive of your son. Even though, as you say, you didn’t know a lot about OCD, you were determined to get him help. That is awesome, in my book. I found it interesting that Dan never shared very much about the specific ways his OCD manifested. I wonder if there is just a tendency for OC people, even those who are open about having it, to hide or keep very private the actual workings of the disorder. Even though I write about a lot of my OCD symptoms, there are still some that I don’t write about because they just seem too bizarre. I’m worried what others would think.

    I could relate, too, to your son’s determination to stay in school even when things were so bad. I felt like that, too, that I simply could not give up my plans to my troubles.

    Thanks for sharing this and for introducing us to Matt Bieber. I’m so happy that there are so many voices nowadays speaking out about OCD!

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Tina. As far as my voice goes, I don’t think it really sounds like me, but that’s okay :).
      In reference to Dan not sharing details about his OCD, sometimes I think it’s harder to share with the people closest to you than it is with strangers. And we never pushed him to share details, as we knew it didn’t matter in terms of his recovery. Honestly, as I said in the podcast, I actually preferred not knowing.
      I’m glad I got to introduce you to Matt as well. I think he’s great!

  4. 71 & Sunny says:

    Oh I’ll have to have a listen when I get a chance!

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