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OCD, Friends, and Isolation

This post first appeared on this blog in February 2013…. To me, one of the most heartbreaking aspects of my son Dan’s descent into severe obsessive-compulsive disorder was his progressive isolation from his friends.  Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence … Continue reading

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See you in Texas!

If you live in Texas, I hope you’ll consider joining me at the upcoming 2015 OCD Texas Conference in Dallas on Saturday, October 24, 2015. There’s a great lineup of speakers and topics, and I’m honored to be the keynote … Continue reading

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OCD and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s)

  This week I’ll be sharing a thought-provoking guest post by Matt Fisken. Matt  is a stay-at-home Dad and environmental consultant who specializes in bio-electromagnetism and permaculture. He recently moved from Vermont to Central Pennsylvania with his wife and two-year … Continue reading

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OCD Awareness Week Video Contest

  As part of OCD Awareness Week, the International OCD Foundation is sponsoring a video contest, and the seven finalists have been announced. These videos are great! And you can vote for your favorite until Friday! Enjoy!

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Does Worry Equal Love?

After writing last week’s post about OCD and Parental Anxiety, I got to thinking about my own relationship with anxiety and worry over the years, particularly as a mother. I worried a lot about my children as newborns, infants, toddlers, … Continue reading

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Why PANDAS Awareness Matters

Originally posted on The Dreaming Panda:
As I made my way through the halls to my neurologist’s office last May, I stopped in my tracks as I saw a face I recognized. She was receiving IVIG and roaming the halls…

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OCD and Parental Anxiety

When asked if obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety disorders are caused by genetic or environmental factors, the standard answer has always been, “A combination of both.” While there’s not much we can do about our genes (at least not yet!), there … Continue reading

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