Happy Father’s Day

by david castillo dominici freedigitalphotos.net

by david castillo dominici freedigitalphotos.net

I’d like to take time, on this day set apart for dads, to thank my husband for being an incredible father – his unwavering love and support for his children (and me) have been a blessing in all our lives. He has been a dad for almost thirty-one years, and I cannot think of one instance when he was not there when he was needed.

Of course there are all kinds of ways to be a good dad. Spending time with your children, loving them, and providing for their material, physical and emotional needs are at the top of the list. Gary did (and still does) all those things. But never with any fanfare. His simple gestures such as initiating a game of catch, showing interest in one of his children’s latest hobbies, or doing some financial advising, are just some of many ways he shows he cares.

As is often the case, a person’s true character and strength become apparent not when things are going smoothly, but when life gets difficult. Our family has had our share of illnesses, crises, and even tragedy. In each case, Gary was there to ease our pain. Whether offering a shoulder to cry on, being calm and rational, or doing what needed to be done (as in something as mundane as grocery shopping), he was there. What more could anyone ask for?

So thank you with all my heart to my husband, and to all the dads out there who do whatever they need to do to keep their families healthy and happy. While you might not be acknowledged nearly enough, we love and appreciate you beyond words.

Happy Father’s Day to you all.


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2 Responses to Happy Father’s Day

  1. What a lovely post, Janet! Thank you.

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