An App to Enhance OCD Treatment – nOCD

by stuart miles

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen Smith, the face behind the app known as nOCD. I was impressed with Stephen’s intelligence, enthusiasm, and passion as he explained why he created this app and how it acts as an effective supplement to therapy  for those who are battling obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Stephen knows what he is talking about. He suffered from severe OCD himself, and like many, was frustrated by the lack and availability of good, quality care. While nOCD is not meant to be a substitute for ERP therapy, the evidence-based psychotherapy used to treat OCD, it can greatly enhance this therapy and treatment in different ways.

While reaching individuals with OCD is of the utmost importance to Stephen, it is not his only goal. He knows how helpful and necessary support is when dealing with OCD, and his app provides ways to connect with others and even create your own support groups. The importance of community and raising awareness of OCD are woven into the app.

I don’t have OCD so I haven’t used the app myself, but with Stephen’s knowledge and commitment to helping those with the disorder, along with an impressive team of professionals, my guess is it’s a worthwhile addition to anyone’s OCD toolbox. You can download the app for free by clicking on the nOCD icon on my blog’s sidebar.

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9 Responses to An App to Enhance OCD Treatment – nOCD

  1. notcalvin says:

    Not for Android thou… any news on that front

  2. I hope they will make a version for Android. I really, really want to use the app, tbh.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Janet, I recently received an email from a representative of this app, named Mike. I’ll leave off his last name here for privacy purposes. They wanted to know if I would be willing to collaborate with them and place a link to their app on my blog. Since you are familiar with this app and have some background knowledge on it, I just wanted to make sure this sounded legit, before I get back with the representative. Thanks for your help!

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