Overcoming Harm OCD


Hi Everyone,

I just finished reading Jon Hershfield’s latest book, Overcoming Harm OCD. It’s a valuable book that I’d highly recommend.

Below is my review on Amazon:

Jon Hershfield has done it again. Overcoming Harm OCD is written with the same understanding and compassionate voice of his last book, When a Family Member Has OCD. Jon really gets it – not only what Harm OCD entails and how to best treat it, but also how having this disorder makes people feel. Through the sheer act of writing this book, he lets those with Harm OCD know they are not alone. My son suffered from Harm OCD years ago – what a positive difference this book would have made in his life!
Also, Harm OCD is often misunderstood by those not familiar with it – be they therapists, teachers, other professionals, or family members. This book can educate these people, so they, in turn, can help those with this type of OCD find the right diagnosis and treatment.
I highly recommend Overcoming Harm OCD to, well, everyone, and thank you to Jon Hershfield for all he does to help those whose lives have been affected by OCD.



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