OCD Network to Recovery

OCD Network to Recovery connects those who have suffered severely from OCD and have found their way back to good health with those who have yet to find the strength necessary to fight their disorder. More information about the network can be found on this post.

If you have successfully undergone Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy and would be willing to connect with other OCD sufferers, please complete this form:


If you are an OCD sufferer who needs support and encouragement to move forward with treatment, please complete this form. It may also be completed by a parent or spouse.


After completing the appropriate form, please save it and email it (as an attachment) to: ocdtalk@yahoo.com. Please write “OCD Network to Recovery” in the subject line. I will match participants as best I can, and email relevant contact information to each person. All else will remain confidential.

While the goal is to connect those with OCD to other sufferers who might help them move forward with treatment, I make no guarantees, and take no responsibility, for the outcomes of these connections.