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One of my most controversial posts, written almost two-and-a-half years ago, talks about the connection, or lack thereof, between obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder. To me, these disorders have always seemed to be the complete opposite of each … Continue reading

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Trial and Error and Error

Just when we thought Dan had tried every possible type of medication to combat his OCD, his psychiatrist prescribed Vyvanse. It did help with Dan’s energy levels, as it is, after all, a stimulant.  But after taking it for a few … Continue reading

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OCD and ADHD. Is There Really a Connection?

I know that some research has shown that there may be some connection between OCD and ADHD (nobody uses ADD anymore?) but when I came across this post recently, I couldn’t help chuckling. To me, the basic symptoms for ADHD seem to describe the complete … Continue reading

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