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Hoarding and OCD..Are They Connected?

Presenting………ocdtalk’s first guest post of 2013. Dr. Marla Deibler writes about hoarding and its connection to OCD: Hoarding is an often misunderstood problem, which has, in recent years, garnered quite a bit of media attention.  In fact, some of the … Continue reading

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Mental Health Awareness – For All of Us.

This sure is a busy time on the mental health front! It is Mental Illness Awareness Week as well as OCD Awareness Week. Also, today is World Mental Health Day. While each event has its own sponsor and focus (you … Continue reading

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Mental Health Month Blog Party

In describing the background pertaining to Mental Health Month and this blog party, the American Psychological Association says: Congress designated May as Mental Health Month in 1949 to illustrate the importance of mental health issues to the overall health and … Continue reading

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Truth Be Told

I often get positive feedback from people when they hear about Dan’s story. “He’s so lucky to have you,” and “You’re so supportive” are two of the more common compliments I get. These words should make me feel great. And they do, for the most … Continue reading

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