Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Remembering Nathaniel

I want to share this heartbreaking yet hopeful story of a father’s pilgrimage in memory of his son, Nathaniel.

Nathaniel suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and took his own life in April, 2011.

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6 Responses to Body Dysmorphic Disorder – Remembering Nathaniel

  1. 71 & Sunny says:

    So, so heartbreaking. Makes me feel like crying. What a fabulous thing his father is doing by raising all this money in his son’s honor. I’m sure his son would be proud of him.

  2. ocdtalk says:

    Thanks for commenting Sunny. This really got to me too……but his dad is doing so much good in the wake of this unthinkable tragedy.

  3. This is just heartbreaking. I didn’t know a lot about BDD, but it sounds devastating. What his father is doing is amazing, to be able to do something good while in so much pain. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. ocdtalk says:

    Thanks for the comment, Tina…..yes, the dad sounds like an amazing man.

  5. krystallynn says:

    I was afraid to read this, my brother committed suicide a few years ago and it eats you raw to lose someone that way. I think you always wonder if there was anything more you could have said or done. Interestingly Nathaniel knew that because of what his note said.
    Certainly I have been to a point where I felt almost no hope left and somehow I was lifted to fight on one more time. I think that is why I blog..I don’t know how often or who reads mine it but if only one person drops by and can see that there are treatment options.. or at your lowest point you can rise up and feel better again, that would make me so happy.

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